The MoonStar Film Odyssey is a dynamic production company that specializes in creating motion pictures (film/DV/HD/SD formats), Editing (film/DV/HD/SD formats), DVD Authoring, Writing (screen/creative/critical), analog-to-digital transfers and various other multimedia projects.

Under its Production Division, The MoonStar Film Odyssey produces shorts, features, music videos, commercials, industrials/corporate videos, real estate demos and various other endeavors.

The MoonStar Film Odyssey incorporates the various facets of production to create a synergy-realized brand name synonymous with high standards and high-quality work.

Founded in 1999, it is run by Youssef Kdiry (director/writer/editor/producer/lenser/instructor/film & DVD critic)—whose goal is to make The MoonStar Film Odyssey a powerhouse cinementity within the entertainment industry.

Ultimately, The Moonstar Film Odyssey can be seen as

“...a journey into cinematic enlightenment.”

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